ISLAMABAD Public transport to various parts of the Hazara Division disappeared from Islamabads bus stands on Saturday due to the possible strike by Hazara Action Committee against renaming of the NWFP. People leaving for their homes in the Division had to face severe difficulties due to the unavailability of public transport. Heavy rush of passengers was witnessed at the Karachi Companys bus stand where taxis, parked in long queues in front of the stand, demanded more than double fares to cash the opportunity. There is no strike today, but the transport disappeared before the noon, as the passengers rushed to the stands to get to their homes to avoid being caught in the strike, a stand manager at Karachi Company told TheNation. He said no van was available with them to ply to Hazara, as all the available vehicles had already left for the area.. The scarcity of the transport also intensified due to weekend, he further said. Taxis usually charge Rs 1,000 for a return trip to Mansehra but now they are demanding up to Rs 1,500 for single side trip, said Sartaj Tanoli, who intended to go back due to the unavailability of the transport. TheNation also observed Toyota vans plying on 1-C and 105 routes between Rawalpindi and Islamabad taking advantage of the rush and boarding passengers for Hazara outside of the bus stand. Similar situation was also witnessed at the Pirwadhai Bus Stand, where too Hazara-bound passengers were wandering here and there for the transport. It is pertinent to mention here that people of Hazara Division are fiercely protesting against renaming of the NWFP to Kyyber Pakhtunkhwa ever since the ANP and PML-N have agreed on the new nomenclature of the province. The protests gained momentum after the passage of the 18th Amendment Bill from the National Assembly, which okayed renaming of the province with majority vote on Thursday. Sardar Shafqat, member of Hazara Action Committee, said the strike was not yet announced but the transporters put their vehicles off the roads fearing that the strike would be on Saturday. He said a meeting of the Action Committee was to probably decide about the strike Saturday night.