ISLAMABAD Senator Talha Mahmood criticised the US authorities for keeping the minor daughter of Dr Aafia Siddiqui into illegal detention for more than seven years, who went missing in 2003, and termed it as a clear violation of the human rights. The only sin of Maryum was that she was Aafias daughter, an accused who was being tried by a US jury over allegations of attacking US marines, he added. Senator Talha Mahmood, who is also the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior disclosed, during a press conference that Maruym remained into the custody of US authorities for seven years at Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan. She remained into the custody with Mr John, a US national, during this time period, he added. He also astonished the media persons by disclosing that she was kept in a dark room for years. He along with Maryum and her cousin Aalia was talking to media persons at this residence. He also criticised the US Government for violating international laws as well as human rights, saying that if Aafia did any crime in Afghanistan, then she should also be tried in the same country not in the US. He also urged the Government to cut the supply line of NATO, if US refused to repatriate Dr Aafia. If US judiciary awarded any sentence to Aafia, which is scheduled to be announced on 6th of May, it would create a bad image of the US in the whole world and effect its efforts in the war against terrorism, he maintained. He also said that the incumbent Government was least interested in the issue, adding that PM should keep the issue of Aafias release at the top of agenda during his meeting with US President Barak Obama scheduled to be held today. Earlier, Interior Minister, Rehman Malik disclosed that 12-year-old teenager that found outside of the house of Dr Fauzia in Karachi was Maryum, the daughter of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, as the DNA samples of Maryum matched with Mohammad Ahmed, the elder son of Aafia. Dr Fauzia also confirmed the reports after meeting with the Interior Minister at the Ministry of Interior. She while talking to media appreciated the efforts of the Government in repatriation of Aafia as well as of his children, especially, of Interior Minister, Rehman Malik. However, sources in the Interior Ministry claimed that recent visit of Afghan President, Hamid Karzai was a key factor in the return of Maryum, as the Afghan President during the visit had disclosed that Aafias children were in Afghanistan. The Interior Minister after meeting with Aafias sister, Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, avoided the journalists and no press conference was held in this regard possibly to avoid some questions that might be raised by the civil society and human rights activists about the return of Maryum. The human rights activists are raising questions that how Maryum reached Karachi from Afghanistan and who left her outside Dr Fauzias house. They are also raising questions that if Afghan Government claimed that it knew the whereabouts of Aafias missing children, then why Afghan Government did not hand over Maryum through proper channel. However, another son of Aafia, Mohammad Suleman was still missing and the Government was still unable to trace his whereabouts. It is pertinent to mention here that some unidentified persons had left a 12 year old girl out side Dr Fauzias house in Karachi. The girl introduced herself as Fatima and she could only speak English. Later, Fatimas DNA test was done on the directives of the Interior Minister that matched with the elder son of Dr Aafia.