Understanding the difference between rights and duties is an imperative to generate the strength of discipline in individuals and states. The world witnessed one of the classic examples of discipline, especially in recent distress created by one of the most powerful earthquakes and tsunamis, which hit Japans north eastern coast. The 11th March 2001 was undeniably the most terrible day of Japans history. The world saw some horrendous scenes with cities town and villages turning into rubble. It was a real face-off with the power of nature. Surprisingly no looting was reported. People around the world observed with amazement the quake and tsunami victims in Japan "queued up in long queues to buy food or to go on public transportation. It was such a different sight when the world was watching the Prime Minister of Japan dressed up as a rescue worker with definite signs of worry on his face, but at the same time composed as a leader. It was certainly heartening to see that brave recovery of the Japanese nation. We Pakistanis have also displayed great sense of sacrifice and devotion in difficult times but certainly lacked in discipline factor. It is believed that as a nation we need big catastrophes to unite. Yes indeed, but nowhere we have achieved that mark what the Japanese nation has set for the rest of the world. On the other hand, sports achievement also enjoys a magical and binding effect on our natives, but it is merely impossible to win world cups every day, and if at all we get united for some time, what about the discipline, as one dead and 32 injured because of aerial firing in different parts of Pakistan, while witnessing Pakistan-India cricket encounter. You can give hundreds of examples on account of ill-disciplined masses for instance, 15 humans have lost their life owing to doctors strike. Then you will hardly find any pedestrian crossing busy highways through overhead bridges. Resultantly precious human lives are lost. In case of shortage of any food item, behaviour of our people is shocking while traffic discipline simply needs no elaboration at all. JAWADRAZA KHAN, April 9