Once again Karachi Electric Supply Company has identified 4,000 of its non-critical, unwanted employees who are being offered compensation, under the severance scheme, for the termination of their employment. 4,000 people means 4,000 families that are going to face a tough time in search of alternate means of livelihood during these times of spiralling inflation. However, one also needs to consider the matter in context of the challenges being faced by KESC after its privatisation and in comparison to how other companies have been randomly laying off employees. Through the severance scheme, KESC is still making a substantial investment of over Rs. 5 billion for the benefit of those it calls its non-core staff that is, drivers, guards, sanitary workers etc. The payments ranging from 7 lakhs to a maximum of more than 40 lakh rupees can for a certain period of time help these staff members sustain their living till they find new jobs. It is also good to see a mature response this time on the part of CBA, which has agreed to consider the package rather than going on the streets to protest and burn cars. They perhaps see some advantage in agreeing with the scheme. One hopes that the matter will be resolved peacefully and eventually create a win-win situation for the people of Karachi. JAMAL JAMIL, Karachi, April 9.