Foreign office spokeswoman and Pakistans army official has rejected US report that Pakistan is avoiding direct clash with militants in FATA region and has no clear plans to defeat the Taliban insurgency. As America is still pressing hard upon Pakistan to allow it to extend its drone operations in Pakistan, therefore General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and General Khalid Shameem Wynne in their separate meetings with US Central Command Commander General James N Mattis have opposed the strategy of drone strikes in the tribal areas. General Kayani also expressed profound reservations on the White House report and said that Pakistans security forces have done tremendous job and tackled terrorists with iron hands. General Kiyani, in March 2010, during the first round of strategic dialogue with America had bluntly refused to conduct operation in North Waziristan. General Musharrafs policies helped Americans sneak into our territory and we, the unfortunate nation, have paid a heavy price for his wrong decisions. Even the restoration of political system did not come up to the expectations of the nation that still has high hopes about the system. Musharafs successors continued his policies and even proved worse than military dictators. US drones attacks fuelled anti-state and anti-army sentiment amongst the people who took up arms against the state. Owing to secret deal with USA, our political leaders closed their eyes over the slaughter of people in the FATA. USA is the disguised enemy of Pakistan and aimed at destabilizing Pakistan. While invading Afghanistan, its real target was Pakistan. Pakistan army, nuclear programme and ISI are a thorn in the eyes of the enemy. When Pakistan conducted operation in South Waziristan, NATO forces withdrew from their positions and gave miscreants safe passage to move in to Afghanistan. USA has made many attempts to carry out offensive strike against Pakistan on the pretext to dismantle havens for terrorists inside it. It tested our response violating air space and targeting check posts but Pakistans nuclear capability deterred it from attacking Pakistan. Pakistan has fought simultaneously on two sides to counter Indian and American threats. Even now USA and India are posing threat to Pakistans security, not Taliban. USA has to start withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan by July. It is evident that the USA cannot establish its military bases in Afghanistan as it has in Iraq and other countries of the world. USA has lost the war in Afghanistan and now is losing the battle in the region. It is Afghan soldiers and not Pushtoon who are showing hatred against the occupiers and are attacking NATO soldiers in Afghanistan. Pakistan must remain firm to contain American role in the region. There is no doubt Pakistan needs US assistance in all the fields but America also needs Pakistan as its the only country to offer honourable exit to USA from Afghanistan. After withdrawal of US forces, Pakistan should concentrate on its eastern border to settle score with India. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, April 8.