The Government of Pakistan has again decided to leave no stone unturned in endangering the education sector of Pakistan. It has been decided that out of $400 million loan approved by the World Bank for Education sector of Pakistan, 75% will go to the projects for higher education and 25% remaining will go to the primary level projects only in Sindh and Punjab. Primary education is one of the most neglected sectors in Pakistan. Reforms made for the betterment of higher education are futile without considering the standard of primary education in our country. The Primary education sector is comprised of Government schools with poor or no education, a herd of ghost schools haunting the public, multiple schools working in a single campus and teachers who are mostly seen absent. Now such a minimal amount of loan will finance the base of education in Pakistan which is already under crises. One also wonders whether primary education has become extinct in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or they are so well structured that they do not need any funds for improvement? Its high time we realized that without investing at the primary level, all we can achieve is well furnished universities with new packaging of old teaching system. We cannot expect to produce intellectuals and learned individuals from a fragile nation with a shaky background of primary education. SYEDA ZEHRA, Karachi, April 8.