A 13-year-old boy dashed to the front of his school bus and took control of the steering wheel after the driver passed out.

Noticing that the driver was in distress and the bus was veering towards the curb, Jeremy Wuitschick steered the vehicle to safety and brought it to a controlled stop. The student, from Milton, Washington, then shouted for someone on the bus to call emergency services as he tried to help the driver, who is believed to have had a heart attack.

He told KOMO News: ‘[The driver] looked funny. His eyes were bulging and he was sitting back and his hands were kind of just flapping around uselessly. ‘I just went up, grabbed the wheel and turned it right and took the keys out of the ignition. ‘And, yeah, the bus stopped. It was pretty scary’.

While Wuitschick was performing chest compressions on the driver, another boy who had CPR training, Johnny Wood, came to help out.

The 43-year-old driver was later rushed to nearby St Francis Hospital in ‘grave’ condition, Deputy Schools Superintendent Jeff Short told The News Tribune newspaper.                –Metro