ISLAMABAD - Although the Capital Development Authority has yet to reinitiate the whole process of design and development of Park Enclave - what they call the ‘Jewel of Islamabad’ - yet the investors/people who were once fantasised by the city managers about luxurious and state-of-the-art living there are demanding reimbursement of their money that they have paid so far to the CDA in this regard.But on the other part, the cash-starved CDA has nothing to say to them instead “CDA accounts are empty and that there is no money to pay them back.” TheNation has learnt reliably that city managers have continuously been siphoning out million of rupees from the accounts of fast failing Park Enclave project. As per rules, the total deposited money against some project is divided in 60:40 ratio. The 60 per cent of the banked money goes to the project (for development and provision of other facilities) while 40 goes to CDA as Authority’s income.The authority over the period of time has used up its complete share from down payment, 1st instalment and the 2nd instalment - that has so far submitted only 40 percent of the people while the remaining have refused to submit any further instalments until the visible progress in the project.Reliable sources further informed that only 40 per cent of the people have submitted their 2nd instalment while remaining have stopped to submit any further amounts to CDA accounts owing the unclear fate of the project. “The Finance Directorate of the Authority has already utilised the 40 per cent from 2nd instalment, saying the rest of the amount would be submitted to project account.Recently, CDA Member Finance has sought permission from CDA Chairman to allow him to withdraw another amount of Rs 50 million from Park Enclave’s accounts for the payment of monthly pays to approximately 15,000 employees of the authority.The sources added that aforementioned summary was accorded approval by the competent authority.By the end January 2012, CDA had received Rs 1734.38 million from applicants on account of price of plots in Park Enclave Scheme. But now the situation is otherwise as Finance Wing of the Authority in the absence of any comprehensive income generation strategy has continuously been drawing money from Park Enclave accounts.Talking to TheNation CDA Member Planning Abdul Aziz Qureshi said that now CDA was considering the option to design the project on its own. Responding a question about the capability of the authority to do this gigantic task, he said, “CDA has all type of expertise and authority could do that in efficient manner.”About Park Enclave’s account, he said, “I don’t have exact information regarding that but I think 60 per cent of the amount is still intact. However, he added it is possible that Finance Wing as stopgap arrangement has withdrawn some money out of intact money.”Member Finance of the Authority was tried to contact but he was not available for comments.Earlier, on March 29 Nespak - the consultant for the project - has officially informed the city managers that not even a single out of four pre-qualified firms for design and development of Park Enclave has technically qualified to execute the project. As per results of Nespak - a short-listed firm Saadullah Khan & Brothers (SKB) has secured the highest 52 marks out of total 60 marks in technical bids evaluation, while the remaining three firms were even below 50 marks.  The announcement by Nespak has virtually brought the project to a position where it was some six months ago. Now, the Authority has decided to design the project on its own or from some other organization like Nespak and than award the project after inviting new tenders for the project. But so far CDA is indecisive about its future course of action regarding the project.