The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday sought an explanation from the Punjab Education Secretary within 15 days over the case of free education.

During the hearing, the Punjab Education Secretary said they are in the process of drafting a law over the matter of free education for 5-16 years age group.

LHC Chief Justice Azmat Saeed resumed hearing of the case and remarked that parliament unanimously inserted Article 25-A in the constitution for the provision of free education and funds shortage could not be taken as an excuse for its non-implementation.

The judge further remarked that provision of free education is the fundamental right and the court will not take any excuses in consideration.

The chief justice sought a reply from the Punjab Education Secretary and adjourned hearing till April 26.

The petition was filed by the Judicial Activism Panel through its chairman, Azhar Siddique. He submitted that under Article 25-A of the constitution the state was responsible for providing free and compulsory education to all children in 5-16 year age group and the right to get free education had become a fundamental right.