ISLAMABAD  - Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said on Tuesday that she did not oppose President Asif Zardari’s April 8 visit to India, reported a private TV channel.Talking to reporters here on Tuesday, Hina said no decision had so far been made regarding the restoration of the Nato supply route. She said the decision would be made by Parliament following which the government would get ‘marching orders’ to start negotiations.The Foreign Minister added that there were several elements which did not want the Parliament to make this decision. “Clearly those who support Parliament would want that its decision be considered as collective wisdom for national security,” Khar said. The Foreign Minister also told reporters that she was not against President Zardari’s trip to India. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the PM House has contradicted news about the change of Foreign Minister Hina Khar. The spokesman said the report on change of the present Foreign Minister was baseless. “By new team, the Prime Minister means the new foreign secretary and designated high commissioner to Delhi Salman Bashir,” he said.‘The media has insinuated it from the Prime Minister’s statement wherein he welcomed the President’s visit to India and said that a new team would give a new impetus to normalisation of relations between India and Pakistan,” he clarified.