LAHORE - The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan expressed sorrow over the Siachen landslide that buried more than 120 soldiers and a dozen civilians and has stressed the need for measures to avoid such tragedies in the future.

A statement issued by the Commission on Tuesday said: “HRCP is grieved over the tragedy that befell 136 people, including 124 soldiers, who were hit by a massive landslide at Siachen and shares the anxiety and grief of the families concerned.”

It stated that the situation demands an inquiry to ascertain the conditions in which soldiers are stationed at the glacier and what measures are in place for their protection from the severity of the harsh climate as well as the hazards posed by fickle nature of the terrain.

“It is unfortunate that Pakistan and India both continue to suffer human losses because of the fighting as well as the high toll taken by the natural elements and accidents at Siachen. The Commission particularly welcomes the parliamentarians’ emphasis on Monday to resolve the dispute between India and Pakistan through negotiations and calls upon the governments of both countries to resolve Siachen issue and all contentious issues between them through amicable means” it stated.

HRCP said that the two countries must attach priority to resolving their disputes through talks in order to ensure that they spend their resources on people’s welfare and progress rather than t militaries’ upkeep and expensive rescue operations ‘at the world’s highest battlefield’.