RAWALPINDI  - The Inter-Services Public Relations, media wing of the Pakistan Army, on Tuesday released a new list containing names of officers, jawans and civilians trapped in an avalanche in Gyari sector of Siachen Glacier.As many as 138 officers, soldiers and civilians are trapped in under the avalanche, according to a statement issued by the ISPR. The army continued its frantic efforts to track down the trapped personnel despite inclement weather in the area.The names of Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers and Soldiers of 6 Northern Light Infantry Battalion, who came under avalanche, are Lt Col Tanvir Ul Hassan, Maj Zaka Ul Haq, Capt Dr Hleem Ulah Jan, N/Sub Abdul Malik, N/Sub Deedar Karim, N/Sub Khurshid Ahmed, N/Sub/Clk Iftikhar Ali, Hav Ghulam Muhammad, Hav Muhammad Gulfraz, Hav Muhammad Rustam Ali, Hav Musaddaq Hussain Butt, Hav Rehbar Hussain, Hav Shad Hussain, Hav Shafait Ali, Hav Hafiz Shah Nawaz, Hav Tanveer Hussain Attachment from 15 NLI, Hav Zakir Hussain, Hav/Clk Muhammad Ishaq, Hav/Clk Sher Nayab Khan, L/Hav Ghulam Mustafa, L/Hav Ghulam Qadir, Nk Muhammad Ashraf, Nk Muhammad Naseem ,Nk Sartaj Alam, Nk/Clk Ghulam Ali, Nk/Clk Ghulam Mehdi, Lnk Abdul Jabbar, Lnk Ghulam Mustafa, Sep Hamait Hussain, Lnk Altaf Hussain, Lnk Abdul Irfan Att from 15 NLI, Sep Muhammad Irshad Khan, Lnk Mir Hussain, Lnk Muhammad Riaz, Lnk Sami Ullah, Up/Lnk Muhammad Naeem Khan, Sep Muhammad Abid Naveed Att from 15 NLI, Sep Akhtar Hussain, Sep Aksar Zaman, Sep Ali Muhammad, Sep Ali Zar, Sep Arif Hussain Att from 7 NLI, Sep Didar  Hussain, Sep Ehsan Ullah, Sep Fazal Abbas Att from 2 NLI, Sep Fayyaz Ahmed, Sep Fida Hussain, Sep Ghazi Shah, Sep Ghulam Hussain, Sep Ghulam Mehdi, Sep Ghulam Rasul, Sep Gul Madad Att from 2 NLI, Sep Ghulab Shah, Sep Hamid Ullah, Sep Ilyas Ali, Sep Imtiaz Ahmed, Sep Irfan Khalil, Sep Muhammad Ishaq, Sep Israr Ahmed, Sep Juma Khan, Sep Khawaja Mumtaz Ahmed, Sep Malik Riaz Kashif, Sep Muhammad Akbar, Sep Muhammad Ali, Sep Muhammad Ali Att from 9 NLI, Sep Muhammad Amin, Lnk Muhammad Arshad, Sep Muhammad Hussain, Sep Muhammad Hussain, Sep Muhammad Iqbal, Sep Muhammad Ishaq, Sep Muhammad Jamil, Sep Muhammad Javed, Sep Muhammad Khan, Sep Muhammad Nadeem Khan, Sep Muhammad Sadiq, Sep Muhammad Sajid, Sep Muhammad Salim, Sep Muhammad Waseem, Sep Muhammad Zulqarnain, Sep Nadeem Khan, Sep Nadir  Wali, Sep Nafas Ali Shah, Sep Najeeb Ullah, Sep Nasir Hussain, Sep Ranzaib, Sep Rashid Hussain, Sep Nasir Hussain, Sep Rehmat Wali, Sep Sakhi  Zaman, Sep Sana Ullah, Sep Sarfraz Abdullah, Sep Muhammad Shamim Khan, Sep Shamsheer, Sep Sharafat Din, Sep Siraj Din, Sep Soba Khan, 2 NLI, Sep , Sep Sultan Mehmood, Sep Zakar Hussain, Sep Zakir Hussain, Sep/Clk Abdul Karim, Sep/Clk Ashraf Hussain, Sep/Clk Muhammad Riaz, Sep/Clk Muhammad Shoaib, Sep/Ck Fida Hussain, Sep/Ck Ghulam Mehdi, Sep/Ck Muhammad Ali, Sep/Ck Mukhtar  Hussain, Sep/Ck Zaheer Ali, Sep/Ck /Mess Raja Siraj Ud Din, Mess Waiter Abdul Jalil Butt, Masalchi Abdul Hameed Mughal, Swpr Ali, Swpr Muhammad Shakeel, Swpr Asif Masih, Swpr Moon Gul, Swpr Naveed Masih, Tailor Shabbir, Barber Nasrullah, Barber Muhammad Amir, Canteen Contractor Waheed, Canteen Worker Muhammad Azeem, Dhobi Worker Noor Shah Ali, Dhobi Worker Sarfraz, Dhobi Worker Wali, NCB Ghulam Rasool, Hav Gul Daraz Att from 615 FS Sec, Nk/Engr Muddassar Iqbal,  Nk/Cfn VM (EME) Aftab Ahmed, Nk/Cfn VM (EME) Ansar Mehmood, Sep/Elec (EME) Adil Masih, Sep/Elec (EME) Muzammal Hussain, Sep/NA (AMC) Muhammad Zaman, Lnk Sig Tech Ghulam Haider19 Sig Bn, Sep/Sig Tech Mehtab Alam  19 Sig Bn, Sig/Man (Op) Jafar Hussain Att from 76 Sig Bn.