Former ambassador to US Husain Haqqani, a key respondent in the Memogate scandal, on Wednesday wrote a letter to Research In Motion (RIM) to attain his BlackBerry data.

Haqqani's lawyer Zahid Bukhari, talking to a private TV channel, confirmed the news and said that the step was taken in accordance with the orders of the judicial commission probing the scandal. He added that the performa, signed by both Haqqani and Bukhari, has been emailed to RIM.

"Haqqani has given complete authority to RIM to email the data either to Haqqani or to my email account, so I can present it to the commission after seeing it through. They have a law that they do not share their data with any third party whether it is a court or anyone else. Therefore, we have emailed the request according to the order," said Bukhari.

The lawyer added that by writing to RIM, Haqqani wants to prove that he is ready to comply with all judicial commission's orders.

He added that Haqqani's lawyer in the Supreme Court Asma Jahangir will also request the court to look into the application filed by Haqqani to have his statement recorded via video link as his life is in danger. "Haqqani wants to record his statement at any cost."