KHYBER AGENCY - The tree plantation campaign has concluded in Landi Kotal and different kinds of saplings have been planted in 400 acre lands. Fruit plants will be planted in the coming plantation campaign.

This was stated by Forester (block officer) Landi Kotal Falak Naz while talking to the local media persons in Landi Kotal Press Club on Tuesday. He said that 350 acres of land in Dargai, Mirdad Khel and Pirokhel were brought under forestation while plantation on 100 acres in Bacha Mena, Torkham has been completed. Plantation on Pak-Afghan road is under consideration and trees on the road has been made in Shagai areas, he said.

Keeping in view the environment, saplings of Palosa, Lachee, Pine and Acacia have been planted in the area, he said.

Providing details of terms and conditions on plantation on private property, he said, “we survey and examine the land, then have a contact with suitable land owner and settle with him all rules and regulations.

For three years the Forest Department looks after new cultivated plants by providing guards, watering and to install bars around the area for protection purpose, he said.

Chalking out its future plans, he said, special cases have been put off to the highups and if it gets approval then in the next campaign fruit saplings and plants of Olive will be planted for the first time  in the area.

However, he attributes all their achievements to general masses and local administration and said if locals’ care the new planted saplings as their own property and the administration punishes those guilty of destroying these plants, the campaign will deliver.

The tribesmen lauded the efforts of Forest Department regarding planting of saplings and demanded of it to do more in this regard. Bakhtullah Shinwari said, the Forest Department had planted hundred of thousands of plants in Piro Khel area.