The other day, I was going at Canal road to drop off a friend. On the way, we saw a young boy indulging in one wheeling while his friend was sitting on the backseat of the motorbike. All of a sudden their motorbike slipped and both of them crashed on the road. While I slammed the brakes on immediately and pulled over the car, a car coming just behind banged into ours. We were just evaluating the damage done to our vehicles when those two boys slipped from the scene.

The car in the rear was also badly damaged; the collision had smashed in its wind screens. In fact accidents frequently occur on the Canal Road owing to rash driving. One cause of accidents is that the drivers do not maintain a safe distance between the vehicles. It is unfortunate that we as a nation have little traffic sense and people feel pride in violating traffic rules. Just look at any traffic jam; everyone is in a hurry. People it appears would waste hours in these jams but are not ready to drive according to traffic rues. My suggestion is that there must be a complete ban on one wheeling as it risks the lives of people. Lawbreakers should be booked and fined heavily in the interest of public safety. Moreover, there should be speed-guns at Canal Bank Road to monitor the speed of vehicles so as to maintain suitable distance between vehicles. Nations are also judged by their traffic sense and discipline. Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif should take measures to ensure smooth and steady flow of traffic on the city’s roads besides constructions of more flyovers and underpasses.


Lahore, April 3.