Despite weather hazards, rescue operation at Gayari Sector continues at five priority points identified with the help of SPD team employed along with plant equipment, Army Search and Rescue Teams, said Inter-Services Public Relations.

A 450 meters long access track has been developed on the avalanche to access the priority points. Work on another access track has also been started to widen search perimeter.

Mainly plant equipment is employed at two points. The work is in progress at rapid speed on both points. At the work on other three points mainly being done with the help of infantry troops who resort to manual digging with some assistance from plant equipment where required.

A dozer has been employed to restore the water channel, which has been blocked due to avalanche.  So far two exits are available with 20 and 15 cusecs discharge. Efforts are in hand to enhance the same with the help of plant equipment. Harsh weather conditions hampering the search for 138 people buried under a huge avalanche at a Pakistani army camp will last at least another 24 hours and weather is likely to improve by Thursday afternoon, a senior meteorological official said Wednesday. “However, it will remain overcast Wednesday with thunderstorms and snowfall in Gayari and its surrounding areas.”

A huge wall of snow crashed into the remote Siachen Glacier base high in the mountains on Saturday morning, smothering an area of one square kilometre. As more than 450 rescuers worked in sub-zero temperatures, experts said there was little chance of finding any survivors at the site, and there is still no trace of the camp, which is at an altitude of around 4,000 metres. The site of the Gayari camp has been hit by heavy snow in recent days.

Rescuers have been using mechanical diggers and shovels to dig through the vast expanse of snow, rock and ice dumped by the avalanche, but efforts to fly in more heavy equipment have been hindered by the weather.