LAHORE – Police IOs are being forced into corruption for submission of challans as in most cases, the authorities concerned do not pay them the Cost of Investigation (CoI). Similarly, the funds for stationary (used for documentation of the under-investigation cases) are also delayed by the Readers of the SPs and DSPs. Resultantly, the IOs end up demanding illegal gratification from the complainants or the accused, a survey conducted by TheNation has revealed.

Informed sources said that a mafia comprising Readers, in connivance with the accountants, working with the city police have been victimising the investigating officers, mostly the Inspector rank officers, in 80 police stations of the city. The IOs according to the sources, often apply to obtain CoI for the cases assigned to them, but the Readers, in most cases, do not forward the files for due procedure.

“In the first step, I have to give at least Rs100 for my legal work to a Reader. Only then my file is forwarded to the Reader of the divisional SP, where the same procedure is repeated,” a senior Police Inspector told this reporter on the condition of anonymity. He said that although some funds are released but a minimum amount is given to the investigators and the rest is often misappropriated by the Readers, DSPs and even SPs.

According to a Reader, who wished to remain unnamed, each police station, the offices of the DSPs, ASPs and SPs were provided at least one modern computer, a photostat machine and other necessary equipment for early completion of the documentation of the cases few years ago. But sometime the Readers ask investigation in-charges to send them money for filling of toners of photostat machines. Even after the money is provided to the Readers, the investigators have to get the FIRs and other documents photocopied on their own.

“Yes, many of my colleagues are morally and monetarily corrupt. But you cannot run the police department without their presence, as the entire police structure is in their hands,” he stated.  According to a senior investigator, the government provides Rs11 thousand for dacoity cases registered under sections 392 and 382 of PPC, Rs24 thousand for murder case of 302, Rs5,000 for 10/11/789, Rs5000 for kidnapping and rape and Rs5,000 for blind cases.

Similarly, he said that the cost of investigation of section 13/20/65 of the possession of illegal firearms was fixed at a thousand rupees, CoI of ¾ for cases relating to drugs, 389 and 411 of motorcycle thefts was Rs400, and so on.

An SP told TheNation that the non-payment of the CoI was a major issue faced by the investigators. He said: “Sometimes the drug addicts demand injections or alcohol, which we have to provide to them for their survival. Even after we provide them meal and other necessary items and send them to jail, authorities there refuse to accept them because of their health condition. They usually send them back to police lock-ups.”

The SP, however, admitted that modern technology and funds were provided to facilitate the investigation and to minimise the culture of corruption, but the Readers under the patronage of DSPs and SPs have disrupted the entire system of investigation. SSP Investigation Abdul Razzaq Cheema refused to speak in this regard, despite repeated phone calls.