Imran Khan has brought hope for a people driven to despair by injustices and betrayals. Failure is not an option, because otherwise anger and frustration will lead to chaos and anarchy. For over five years, Musharraf and his ministers had been promising that Pakistan will emerge an economically stronger and more secure country. One of his most outspoken and close associates, after Shaukat Aziz and Ch Shujaat, was none other than his foreign minister Khursid Kasuri. Since 2008, Imran Khan has been saying that this is not our war and we must get out of it. The strange thing is that he taken him on board. Although I agree with Imran Khan that this country has been plundered endlessly by a coterie of corrupt opportunists, I am confused that all those who have served every usurper and corrupt regime are joining his bandwagon. How will these opportunists help him bring about the soft revolution that will bring an end to all the ills that this country faces, when most of them were party to its plunder? Imran Khan must remember that without an across the board accountability and taxation of all revenues earned by individuals including traders and landowners, our country will not have the capacity to eradicate the cancer that afflicts Pakistan from within. Those who have built empires on black money cannot be expected to become angels without paying for their crimes and giving back to the state what they have robbed.


Quetta, December 14.