PESHAWAR - Like other parts of the country, the Local Transport Owners Association Peshawar also observed partial wheel jam strike against the hike in petroleum products and CNG products while the Sarhad Transport Association operated from Peshawar-Pindi distanced itself from the strike.

The strike badly affected the daily routine of the masses as people from the far-flunged cancelled their scheduled works and restricted to their homes. The passengers came from other districts also got stranded in Peshawar due to the wheel jam strike.

The transporters staged a protest demonstration and blocked the Grand Trunk Road for several hours for traffic against the recent price hike in petroleum products and CNG prices. They burned tyres and chanted full throated slogans against the government. 

A large number of transporters turned up to participate in the protest and held placards inscribed with anti-government slogans. The protestors maintained that the recent increase in petrol and diesel prices would cast a pall of inflation and severely disrupt transportation business as well.

The protestors marched from the bus stand to Hashtnagri and demanded of the government to revise down the oil prices. They also opposed the mushroom growth of toll plazas at national highways, which were using some people as a source of income due to their political influence and demanded immediate removal of illegal toll plaza from Ring road to Jamrud. Goods transport, truck owners and oil tankers associations also observed the strike.

They also demanded removal of unnecessary customs and excise check posts, where officials are allegedly indulged in massive corruption. The transporters warned that in case of the government’s failure to accept their demands, they would launch a civil disobedience campaign against it, and not pay any kind of taxes to the government.

On the other hand President of Sarhad Transport Association Ihsanullah said that they have nothing to do with the wheel jam strike of local transporters. He said that certain vested elements have organized the strike just for their own motives. He said that their vehicle for Rawalpindi and others areas are ready to go but due to the fear of stoning by angry mob, the drivers are having temporarily stopped their vehicles.

Similarly, the strike was also observed in Mardan on the call of All Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Goods Transport and Adda Owners Federation transporters.

All passengers and employees of different government departments and students faced a lot of problems due to the strike. However, some of the transporters carried their vehicles on the road in different parts of the city and received double fares from the masses and gained benefit from the wheel-jam strike. In Charsadda chowke the transporters burnt tires as a protest but later on the transporters dispersed peacefully.

Bus stand and other flying coach addas were vacant and transporters stand their vehicles in safe places.