KARACHI - Pakistani businessmen can use Turkey as a base to produce their products and export them to European Union (EU).

“We can serve as a bridge for Pakistani businessmen” said the chairman of Iziad Businessmen Association, Izmir, Resul Secilmis and leader of trade delegation from Turkey while talking to members of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) here on Tuesday. He said that Turkey has access to EU market and 47pc of its total exports go to this region and Pakistani exporters can utilize this facility.

He pointed out that political and cultural relations between Turkey and Pakistan were ideal but commercial relations were not matching these ties.

“Pakistan exports goods worth $873 million to Turkey while its imports from Turkey were $214 million. Share of trade with Pakistan is 0.3 percent of Turkish total trade with the world. We are trying to enhance commercial relations “, he noted.

Secilmis said that Turkey was the fast growing country and ranked 16 in the world economies. Our trade volume touched $380 billion mark last year. We export more than 20,000 items to 200 countries, he added.

Earlier, president KCCI Mian Abrar Ahmed in his welcome address invited Turkish businessmen to have joint ventures with Pakistani businessmen in energy, agriculture and textile sectors. He said KCCI is suggesting Pakistan government to expand trade with three regional trade blocks, Pakistan-Iran-Turkey, SAARC and Central Asian countries.