LAHORE – Resolving a murder mystery, police investigators on Tuesday claimed that they have arrested a woman who had planned the killing of her husband with the help of her paramour. Muhammad Javed was found stabbed to death in fields in the Nishtar Colony police vicinity on March 17, 2012.

According to the police version, Javed’s wife Nazia Bibi had developed illicit relations with Muhammad Irshad alias Shado and planned to kill him. According to a police spokesman, a team led by Inspector Aadil Khichi, after collecting solid evidence, had taken the woman into their custody.

“During the preliminary investigation, the accused woman confessed to the killing of her husband in connivance with her paramour Shado. She also told the police that she had deliberately sent her husband to the vegetable market, where her paramour Shado along with his accomplices Dildar Hussain and Shaukat Ali had stabbed Muhammad Javed to death. Later, they threw the body into the fields,” the spokesman added.

Newly-wed woman commits suicide:  The body of a newly-wed woman was found hanging from the ceiling fan at her house in Sabzazar area, police said on Tuesday. Muhammad Imran told the police that her 19-year-old wife Farzana Bibi had committed suicide.

According to the family, Farzana got dejected and committed suicide after her husband exchanged harsh words with her over some domestic issue. After a verbal fight, she went to her bedroom and hanged herself, the family members said.

“As I opened the door, I saw her hanging from the ceiling fan,” a police source quoted her husband as telling the investigators. The locals, however, told the police said the couple were not enjoying good terms nowadays.