PESHAWAR- Member Taliban dialogue committee, Professor Ibrahim said today that there was a deadlock like situation in talks between the government and Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

In an interview to a TV channel, Prof  Ibrahim said the army was not happy over the release of prisoners. He added the army did not want the release of Taliban prisoners. Professor Ibrahim attributed the deadlock to silence from both sides, adding that he could only pray that talks start proceeding in the right direction. He further said efforts were being made to make the talks successful. The government committee and TTP Shura have only held one round of talks. The 40 day ceasefire announced by the TTP expired yesterday- Thursday.

The TTP has called for the release of their non-combatant prisoners and establishing a peace zone where talks will be held. The outlawed
organization has not released any non-combatant prisoners in their custody. The Taliban have also claimed that prisoners released were not those who were mentioned on the list provided to the government . He said that government must show seriousness for success of the dialogue process.

He said no contact has been made with the Taliban leadership as yet, however, date and venue of meeting with Taliban shura will be decided soon. Dialogue between Taliban and the government is the only solution to bring peace in the country, he said.