ISLAMABAD  - The Supreme Court on Thursday appointed Qazi Mohsin amicus curea (assistant of court) in the 3G Spectrum case and ordered PML-N Senator Rafiq Rajwana to submit report about legislation on utilisation of the USF . A three-judge bench headed by Jawwad S Khawaja was hearing a petition seeking a direction for auction of 3G cellular licence and utilistion of USF .
The petitioner advocate Ali Raza argued that the government without legislation could not use the USF on his own discretion. Justice Jawwad said that the 3G and 4G licences auction would bring Rs103 trillion in the country. 
He said that according to the prevalent law the government could not keep the USF in consolidated funds, adding the government should spent some amount from the sale of 3G auction on the welfare schemes. He said this huge amount could be used to provide free education and free health facilities to the citizens. He said there was hunger and starvation in the country but no one was thinking about it.
Ali Raza contended that without amending the Constitution the government could not spend money from the auction of 3G and 4G and this money should have to go in the USF .
Justice Jawwad said they wanted transparency in the whole affairs of 3G licences auction, adding due to this case the government might legislate law. A member of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Ismail Shah informed the court that the auction of 3G and 4G licences would be held on April 23. The bench appointing amicus curea adjourned the hearing till April 16.