Former DG ISPR Maj. Gen. (R) Athar Abbas’ remarks about General (R) Ashfaq Kayani’ dithering to launch military operation in North Waziristan are rather unexpected coming from a junior, who was not a part of top planners, having access to top secret information on various factors obstructing the operation. It is also not acceptable to give such remarks without verification. It is generally known that successful military operations in Shangla, Buner, Swat, Dir, Bajaur, Mohmand, and South Waziristan were carried out under the command of General (R) Ashfaq Kayani, and our valiant soldiers made enormous sacrifices. It is not fair to ignore these sacrifices and achievements of our soldiers.

As regards military operation in NW, it is well known that some political parties in KPK were vehemently opposing this operation and insisting on talks. Apparently, the operation was already planned and implemented when talks proved futile and TTP terrorism continued. Our soldiers are performing well and should be saluted; no one should be allowed to settle their personal grievances at their expense.


Rawalpindi, April 8.