With sleekly arranged hair and an immaculate knowledge of the game, he used to say in a distinctive voice - low and gentle, almost hypnotic - that echoed in the commentary box before the start of play: "morning, everyone."

It is time for the entire cricketing world to say goodbye to the voice of cricket. Richie made his domestic debut with New South Wales before making it into the Australian team, three years later. His selection raised a few questions and eyebrows as well, due to the presence of better talents in the domestic circuit, at that time. A leg-spinning all-rounder, Benaud became the first cricketer to do the double in 200 wickets and 2000 test runs. He was a sharp fielder with quick reflexes and, even though he was no Shane Warne, he did trouble the batsmen with his ability to turn the ball. During his time as the captain of the Australian team, he injected charisma into the side and lifted their spirits. 

"Tradition is wonderful and I'm all for it, but never forget the evolution of the game."

Benaud was an enthusiast rather than a nostalgist and as years passed by and cricket progressed, his interest in the beautiful game kept growing alongside. He was a firm believer in the fact that evolution was necessary and brought in more positives than negatives. He promoted innovation and creativity to make the game more entertaining for the audience and never showed rigidity towards changes. While the people of today continue to criticise the role of Twenty20s in cricket, Benaud was convinced that their introduction was for the betterment of the game. With a logical viewpoint, he suggested that any form of cricket that attracts interest from fans all over the globe is indeed for the betterment of the game. 

Benaud's fondness of the game only grew after he retired and became a commentator. What differentiated him from the rest was the credibility of his opinion. Opinions vary from person to person, but Benaud was the voice of every man who shared his love and passion for cricket. He was the voice of cricket.

In Richie Benaud, cricket had found a positive-minded character who was capable of eradicating dullness, from the commentary box to the cricket grounds. He was someone out of the ordinary, someone that elevated whatever he was associated with. His comments: crisp and brief, with each word carefully picked. He spoke to the audience, never at them. He educated them about the game and made them feel more and more involved, even in the most insignificant of actions happening on the field. 

His death has left a void in the world of cricket that no one will ever be able to fill. Growing old with his voice echoing in our ears has enriched us, but left us all sorrowful in the knowledge that his commentary in our sporting lives is no more. Rest in peace, Richie.