PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari has stated at a press conference that Bilawal was undergoing training in London, and would enter politics gradually because of security risks. Well, if Altaf Hussain can rule from London, Bilawal can surely be trained away from home. But where and what is home for people like Bilawal who have lived a protected life abroad. For the PPP, the boy is just the last chance for Bhuttoism to survive, else the party would have moved on a long time ago.

Zardari at the press conference said all the right things, that indigenous wind, coal and gas should be used to provide electricity, that corruption must be rooted out and a decision on Yemen should come out of a consensus. But no body believes he means anything, and contrary to what he says, Bilawal will probably not be seen for a long time. Instead speculation is that Zardari is planning to launch his daughter Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari into politics. The press conference may just be her "soft launch" and she would now be seen often with her father, who needs a Bhutto on his side.

The PPP has been working behind the scenes during the dharna days as well as in bringing the PTI back to parliament. Zardari has been offering a helping hand to the MQM as well as taking credit for the PTI’s return. Where there is trouble, he is there offering help, and past grievances seem like water under the bridge. The party has been trying to salvage their sinking popularity in Karachi, especially focusing on the city’s Pakhtun vote bank. Is this man really in earnest? Some politicians and media commenters argue that in wooing the MQM, Zardari is acting as an opportunist and siding with terrorists, and that is not far from the truth. But a politically alienated MQM poses a huge threat to peace and security in the Sindh province, particularly Karachi.

The PPP is fast eroding into irrelevance. What Zardari is doing to counter this is making himself and his party indispensable, as the only peaceful centrist party… the only party supporting the broken limbs of the MQM, PML-N and PTI. It would have been good had Bilawal shared this vision that Zardari had, but Bilawal just wanted to grandstand and make a mark. If Zardari wants his son to succeed him, he should train him right here in Pakistan. But do we want a Zardari trained Bhutto on the horizon?