Leaktivism and hooliganism will not curb corruption. The power of vote can

Do we really need Panama leaks to make our rulers accountable to us?

2016-04-11T12:41:41+05:00 Khadija Khan

 “What is happening under the nose of concerned authorities is simply not our business. In this hour we barely meet the requirements of our livelihood. We don’t know what’s going on neither are we interested.”

What an ignominious thought that leads them nowhere, but misled them into the valley of illusions.

Somehow it seems that the people of Pakistan have abandoned all responsibility towards their country.

The government is asserting that opposition is creating hue and cry over corruption cases against the Sharifs.

But the truth is that awam (the masses) know that already and the opposition is just making these documents its vantage point from where it can take political advantages as is the norm.

However, these leaks cannot dwarf the previous records of corruption cases against the politicians. Therefore, we shouldn’t expect a big social or political change in the country.

But as always we need to have discussions cum wither gossips, now that we have the details of offshore assets.

Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has said these leaks are being ignored by different states like UK.

Hold on! Has he missed the headline of international newspapers?

 I don’t think so. But he still tries to toy with the people of Pakistan. How reprehensible!

But the good news is that even though Panama leaks have shaken the world to its core but we are waiting for – rather afraid of – the politicians’ accountability.

Meanwhile, the extremists are clawing their ways into the society and penetrating like a poison but we are talking about Eifel Tower that does not change its color to green and white to support us.

Nothing can change the status quo in Pakistan. We know these politicians are corrupt but we will elect them over and over until they live their dreams of skinning the poor nation. We have closed our eyes to avoid the coming demise. As we have other distractions like sectarianism, nationalism, extremism and many other isms.

Ironically we cry, shed tears for days and then soon forget how we have been mortified and deceived by our rulers.

These above mentioned statements are a clear depiction of a mindset which let the ruling class become brutal and commoners hardhearted. Everything changes every day except the predicament of the people of Pakistan.

Undoubtedly, despite many problems, Pakistani is a nation of determination and has significant place in the world. But this determination needs to be sustained.

If we can fight against the evil forces that vie to curtail the peace process in the country then we can also counter the expanding fear of being betrayed by the elected people chosen by the people of Pakistan.

I am not favoring Panama leaks. I won’t even bother to consider them right now. What I want to question is the kingly administration of political parties.

Such filthy systems play their nasty role to dodge the innocent people, who pay the cost of every single decision made by these malicious politicians.

In which capacity do our rulers (including the opposition leaders) live in houses cum castles when their subjects are dying with hunger? Why don’t they lead a simple life? Why are they untouchables?

This is not the story of one nation. It is profusely clear that such politicians are posing the same threat to the moral and social values of every nation.

According to a report documented by World Bank, over 50 percent of Pakistanis live under the line of poverty. A lack of basic facilities, unavailability of clean water, deteriorating health conditions and fear of lives define the government’s priorities in the land.

Do we really need these Panama leaks, to make our rulers accountable before the masses?

Meanwhile, all politicians are favoring the aversion of these documents based allegations except many opposition leaders (who think they are in a safe haven as they are not mentioned in these documents).

The naïve opposition is demanding an aboveboard investigation in this matter. Because they are not satisfied with the judicial probe which is said to be transparent and pellucid.

Apparently they consider the Pakistani justice system debased and inquire to have an internationally recognized jury.

So a bunch of foreign documents and a foreign body will determine the fate of the people of Pakistan. This move entails how we have been morally crumpled.

We all know about corruption and money laundering cases against most of the politicians. It is not a new phenomenon in the land.

What is new is that we are suddenly got more interested in these cases after they are being disgorged by the foreign company.

Why exactly do we need a foreign document to question the credibility of our politicians?

We suffer because of their selfish policies every day. We pay tax on everything that we buy, wear, and use.  Subsequently when we reach old age, getting through all these miseries, we collapse while standing in a long queue of pensioners.

But we are still afraid of questioning the credibility of this bourgeoisie class that is uprooting the ethics and morality from the society and making it a barren land.

Once again Imran Khan is calling for nationwide protest against the government if investigations do not address “their” concerns.

If we are suppose to take the streets, why are waiting for a call that will stage a protest with lavishing evenings and prompted speeches, following music and dance. After a month or so it will be dispersed without giving this nation any substantial argument.

Politicians enter the corridors of power and go on exile. They play safe and stay safe and the people of Pakistan bear the cost of their mischievous deeds.

Why should we believe Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif?

When they make deals they don’t even consider us a stakeholder in their preplanned agendas. It seems to me a game of give and take.

Mr Khan you must stop playing with emotions of the people of Pakistan. We don’t need your protests which will end with the news of your personal affairs. We don’t need hollow promises of establishing transparent judicial commissions which end up laundering more money offshore.

Yes, the time is as ripe as ever to change the fate of our country. But staging protests and following the opposition leaders is not the solution. They all are the two sides of the same coin.

We need to be matured into understanding the power of vote. We should enhance public awareness about the power of vote in our educational institutes. We can promote this motto through print and electronic media.

We will take the street by heading towards the polling station and rejecting the same politicians who have been taking advantage of the plight of the masses over the years.

It is clear now any leaktivism cannot play its role in eradicating corruption from any society.

We have seen the consequence of wikileaks and Edward Snowden that could not shift the status quo of the world’s politics.

All we need to do is implement democracy with its true essence. As Abraham Lincon said, Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

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