I was going to the bank. I was too much happy and why shouldn’t I, because I got the HEC scholarship, and I was one in thousands. “Sir I want to open an account for scholarship,” said me to the clerk. “Sure! Let me show your student and nation ID cards,” said the clerk. “Here they are,” said me, all of a sudden, all the happiness vanished, as it was never be, as the clerk said, “Sorry! We can’t open your account, because you have two different identities on both of your cards.”

It was so traumatizing because, the bank account was mandatory for the scholarship, consequently, my scholarship was stopped for 6 months and that was all happening because of the mistake that I had made in my Matriculation enrollment form by misspelled the name besides, icing on the cake was neither my parent nor the school management have pointed that mistake.

It’s my very kind suggestion that please check once while filling the form, otherwise, you would have to face similar situation, which is very hard for a simple person to sort out on a crunch moment.


Karachi, March 9.