Ambassador of Ghana Bawa G. Ayembillah has said that his country wants to enhance trade relations with Pakistan.

He said that the office of Consul General is working in Pakistan since last 22 years but now government of Ghana has decided to upgrade the mission to an Embassy as Pakistan is emerging as a very important country.

Ambassador of Ghana Bawa G. Ayembillah said this while talking to Consul General of Ghana at Pakistan Shahid Rasheed Butt and others.

He said that Pakistan is emerging as a great nation and an economic power of the world’s map therefore many countries are looking at the developments with renewed interest.

The Ambassador said that many Pakistani companies and individuals have invested in Ghana while some of the leading industrial groups want to establish their facilities in his country.

He asked the local business community to explore opportunities in rapidly developing African country of Ghana which is offering many benefits to foreign investors.

Ghana with its 27 million population, has a very satisfactory growth and it continue to attract sizable foreign investment.

Ghana enjoys 71st position in the index of economic freedom while the government is trying best to further improve the situation while local and foreign investors enjoy similar benefits in the African nation which include repatriation of profits, he informed.

He informed that the Pakistani investors who have invested in Ghana have been reaping good profits and they are expanding their business.