LAHORE - The young PPP chairman is smart enough to know what is amazing about the ruling PML-N. Yesterday, he shared this knowledge with the journalists also.

At a news conference Bilawal addressed at the residence of party’s south Punjab president Makhdum Ahmed Mehmud, a reporter sought his comment over the inordinate delay in the announcement of Panama case decision.

Instead of making a direct comment which could have been interpreted as something said in contempt of court, the PPP leader opted to make a very short comment. “This is what’s amazing about the PML-N ,” he said smilingly leaving the rest to the audience’s intellect to construe from his words. But it was quite obvious from his statement that he was talking about PML-N’s ability to manipulate things in its favour. It becomes quite clear when the question asked was as to why in his view it was taking too long for the court to announce the verdict on Panama case.

After uttering this, Bilawal went on to say that entire nation was awaiting the decision. “We also have to show it to the world what the decision on Panama is all about”, he remarked, adding that the PML-N leadership should be held accountable on the basis of Panama leaks.

Earlier, in his opening remarks, the PPP chairman accused the PML-N of committing political victimization of party workers in Punjab. He believed the ruling party was doing all this to distract peoples’ attention from the Panama issue.

He condemned Police action against PPP workers at Sialkot saying the Punjab police had stopped the event despite the official permission to hold it. Bilawal called it ‘undemocratic and intolerant attitude’ of the Punjab government. He said many more party activities were in the offing in Punjab and the N-league should show tolerance. “The PPP would not tolerate it anymore,” he warned.

PPP chairman said that Tehreek-e-Taliban gave clean chit to the PML-N and the PTI in the previous elections but there was no level playing field for the PPP. The government, he said, had failed to deliver on so many fronts. “It has failed to resolve the issues of loadshedding, scarcity of water and unemployment”, he said.

Asked to comment on the death penalty awarded to Indian spy Kulbhushan by a military court, Bilawal termed it a controversial matter. But he hurried to add that his party had always been opposed to the capital punishment in principal. “My maternal grand-father (Z.A Bhutto) was also hanged”, he said, adding that the Indian spy should not have been in Pakistan.

PPP chairman condemned Indian atrocities in the Indian-held Kashmir, but attributed it to Pakistan government’s weak policy on Kashmir.

Bilawal on this occasion also announced that the process of party’s reorganization in the central and south Punjab had been completed. The new party leaders from the two regions accompanied the party chairman as he addressed the news conference. Nonetheless, the office bearers of party’s Lahore chapter were conspicuous by their absence. In fact, the chairman is yet to announce their names despite conducting interviews during his previous visit to Lahore.