islamabad  - The Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) is yet to hand over 96 “C” type constructed flats to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) despite lapse of many years as the issue of payment between the two bodies could not be resolved amicably. 

The Foundation has had to hand over constructed flats to the authority in sector G-11 but there is no progress on the issue despite several rounds of negotiations. According to the documents, both the entities were in agreement that as both the departments have had to pay the outstanding amounts, therefore, it is more appropriate that balance amounts be adjusted on reciprocal basis. The balance amount of 96 flats in sector G-11 payable by CDA was Rs135.120 million whereas the FGEHF was liable to pay Rs144.837 million on account of enhanced Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for flats located in sector G-13. Net amount of Rs9.717 million was receivable by CDA, according to the understanding. However, the FGEHF demanded balance of Rs225 million on the grounds that final cost of the project has escalated and settlement amount is higher than demanded previously.  

The matter was deliberated upon in a meeting held in June 2013 on the subject issue. It was decided in the meeting that as the escalation in cost of 96 flats was not accepted by the CDA, the issue will be finalised separately in a meeting between Director (Technical) FGEHF and DDG Finance, CDA with the assistance from concerned officers of both the organizations and FGEHF was to provide breakup of the cost. The meeting also decided that the matter relating to price and fee for enhanced FAR for apartment sites in sector G-13 may be reviewed by the Planning Wing of CDA as according to representatives of FGEHF, project is being implemented on commercial basis as joint venture between FGEHF and private entities and preferential rates offered earlier in August 2011 may not be justified.  However, according to the sources in the CDA, there is no progress on the issue despite lapse of many years. 

Meanwhile, the enforcement directorate of the CDA conducted operation in a G-6 sector market and removed illegal constructions and encroachments. Heavy machinery was used to demolish concrete structure while According to the CDA officials, the campaign would continue in the city until clearance of encroachments.