Other than the non-availability and the bad condition of points running outside or inside the Karachi University, there is another big problem being faced by students who travel through points of Karachi University. Rash driving of bus drivers is the most pain full problem for those who don’t get the seat to sit and compulsively travel all the way standing in the points. Bus drivers of point service are at times found speeding the buses in an abrupt manner negating the laws and instructions for driving inside and outside campus perimeter. For girls, it becomes more dangerous because there are so many girls that travel by points and some girls have to stand very near the gate due to lack of accommodation.

Moreover, the behaviour of the conductors is very harsh usually. They continuously scold the girls to move forward in the bus and try to show their bus empty so they can get more people as they can. They also allow other people except the students of KU into the bus to earn more money. I never saw the points of NED and DOW University in this bad condition. Due to the rash driving and continuously pushing breaks, many students suffer from vomiting and headaches.

That’s why I don’t prefer myself to go through points at any cost. The local transports are far better than these. Thanks to the rickshaws and local buses to be another option to reach the university.

I request the authorities to increase the number of points and appoint experienced and responsible drivers for the sake of students.


Karachi, March 27.