Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael Tuesday voiced serious concern over the halt of releasing 12 Pakistani prisoners, who were cleared to return home and called for the release of the Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails, who were set to be released today and have completed their death sentence.

He said freedom is the fundamental right of every human being.

In a statement, the minister condemned the Indian aggression against the release of innocent Pakistani prisoners and made it clear that this step was not according to the law.

“It is the violation of basic norms of law and justice”, he said.

Michael said that Pakistan would continue exposing the grave human rights violations of so-called champion of human rights at all level.

He urged the international community to force India to put an immediate end to the ongoing violations of human rights in Indian Territory and called for early release of Pakistani prisoners who have completed their sentence.

“The international community has the role to play in this regard,” he said, adding the world must realise that human rights violations should be addressed promptly.

Michael said the situation of human rights in India was really very unacceptable. He said Indian authorities were violating the basic human rights adding that India should stop this violation.

He said India continued to deny fundamental human rights to the people not only of occupied Kashmir but also in India with scarce respect for life. He said the continuing and unprecedented violence of human rights by Indian government are crimes against humanity.