LAHORE - The Lahore High Court on Monday dismissed an appeal of a terrorist awarded death sentence on 24 counts for carrying a bomb blast that claimed 24 lives at club chowk of Faisalabad.

A division bench comprising Justice Sadaqat Ali Khan and Justice Shehram Sarwar dismissed the appeal and upheld the sentence awarded by the trial court.

Usman Ghani, convict, had challenged decision of an Anti-Terrorism Court which awarded him death sentence on 24 counts under 7ATA and Section 302 of Pakistan Penal Code.

He said that he had nothing to do with the incident but the police implicated him in the case merely on suspicion and could not produce any evidence against him.

The prosecution, however, said that the convict carried out remove control blast at Club Chowk of Faisalabad in 2011 which took lives of 24 people. He said the police recovered remote control device from his custody after taking him into custody from the spot.