The dowry system is an ancient tradition. Our ancestors used it to help their daughter to settle in her in-laws’ home. But nowadays it is used as a business deal. The groom side use it as a price of their son. They demand various articles for their son. But this is not a right tradition for bridegroom side. It puts a lot of burden on them. They feel that the birth of a girl in our society is a curse. The time has come to abolish this system. Our society is getting more educated than earlier, but their thinking is unchanged. Most of us are not ready to reject dowry system. This is not even a part of Islam. Our ancestors were just inspired by our neighbours and took all their cultures and traditions as their own. Times have changed and the dowry system should be banned all over the country. And after that even if any family demands it, then they should be strictly punished by the government. 


Karachi, March 28.