Education is the process of learning to live as a useful and acceptable member of society. The basic purpose of education is to develop the knowledge, skills and characteristics of an individual.

In ancient times education was interpreted in the sense of transmitting information to the students, while for modern educationists education means the process of development of individual as a whole. But the question is, ‘does the education system develop every individual equally?’ For the following reasons probably the answer would be ‘no’.

Firstly, there are standardised assessment tests. Every student has to pass the same test whereas the educational background of every student is different. Mostly, the tests favour middle-class and high-class students, as per many researches there is strong positive correlation between socio-economic status and educational achievement. Due to low socio-economic status an individual get low quality of education because they don’t have access to those educational facilities which middle-class and high-class students can afford.

Secondly, if we make a comparison between private and public school students, there will be a massive difference in terms of quality of education, physical environment, learning conditions and many other aspects. Students from a private institution will automatically perform better in the all educational activities ahead.

On the other hand, a public school student may not perform as well of that, because he/she is not educationally trained like that.

Thirdly, the psychological factor creates inequality even in the same class and learning environment. In the class, teachers start labelling the students as dull and bright despite of their different compatibilities that affects self-esteem of the student. As the result of this, the students who are labelled as dull began to lose their self-esteem and starts to think they have little academic ability. Thus they do worse in the school because they are tracked down.

All these factors play a critical role in social placement of a student from different educational backgrounds. The students who have better quality of education in all terms have better career achievements. It can be said that it is the matter of affordability, those who can afford has better life chances as compare to those who cannot.