I am a regular reader of your newspaper and want you know that we are very dissatisfied with the services of authorities. In Karachi, the air is mostly polluted with smoke, noise and horns are the other means of pollution. The greatest damage or mankind is atomic waste. Decaying matter produces and breeds, germs of various diseases. Life on earth has become totally dangerous and unfit due to the population. It has become most essential to take measure to reduce the population rate, otherwise the atmosphere can’t prevail. 

Pollution can only be wiped out, if strict measures are taken by the public sector and at all government levels. Under any circumstances, environmental population should not be allowed to crop up. Means and measures should seriously be adopted in this connection to decrease the population rate. 

Major factors are mills and factories, which are the main cause of increasing pollution rate. 

I request that this matter should be taken seriously by municipal authorities. Some immediate steps must be taken to stop this grim issue so that people can live comfortably. I’m looking forward to their prompt response in this matter. 


Karachi, March 28.