KASUR-Two women were killed in separate incidents here the other day.

According to police, a woman was shot dead in an armed clash between two rival parties at village Kotli Rai Abu Bakar. The police said that Bilal and Waseem had been locked in enmity since long. The other day, Bilal along accomplices opened fire on the rivals, which left Hanifan Bibi dead and Waseem with critical injuries. He was rushed to hospital by Rescue 1122. The Teh Sheikham Police registered a case against the accused and started investigation.

In another incident, a woman was killed after being hit by a speeding motorcycle on Ferozepur Road. Nasreen was crossing the road near Punjab Scholars College when she was hit by a speeding motorcycle. Resultantly, she sustained critical injuries and was rushed to DHQ Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.


Four cattle heads were poisoned to death here in Mustafabad. Muhammad Islamil submitted an application to the Mustafabad Police that unidentified accused poisoned his four buffaloes worth more than Rs0.5 million. The police launched investigation.