MIRPUR (AJK)-AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider yesterday called on international community to take immediate notice of the fresh wave of Indian state terrorism and unprecedented rise in human rights violations in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

"The world powers must act promptly and play its due role to get the reign of Indian brutalities stopped in the bleeding held valley."

Talking to the media here on Monday, Farooq Haider expressed grave concern over the fresh killing of innocent Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir. He called on the people and all political parties of Pakistan to demonstrate complete consensus and solidarity for Kashmir issue and raise voice at global front to get the human rights abuses stopped in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

Strongly condemning the fresh wave of Indian barbarism and human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir, the AJK PM emphasised on the government of Pakistan to move a petition seeking immediate holding of special session of the UN security country over the current deteriorating situation in occupied Jammu & Kashmir - where Indian occupational forces have unleashed reign of state terrorism and violence against innocent Kashmiris. "

Mr Haider said that being a worst enemy, Indian Prime Minister Moodi is acting upon the nefarious policy of assassination of innocent Kashmiris under a pre-planned strategy. He underlined that there has been a rapid increase in the massacre of innocent people of occupied Jammu & Kashmir besides other Indian atrocities as a result of the recent complete boycott of the sham Indian by-parliamentary election by people of occupied Kashmir valley.

The AJK Prime Minister said that people of Jammu and Kashmir do not ever recognise any elections or political process under the framework of Indian constitution - nor will accept in the future. He said that Indian occupying forces are engaged in the mass killing of innocent Muslim population by acting on her traditional anti-Muslim approach. He said that the mean tactics of India could never quell and discourage the spirit of freedom of the population of Jammu & Kashmir.

Raja Farooq Haider said that people of occupied Jammu & Kashmir of all age groups including the women have established unflinching stories of their supreme sacrifices during the anti-India movement for the freedom of the motherland.

The AJK Prime Minister said that entire nation salutes valiant Kashmiris for continuing the resistance movement in the face of unprecedented Indian oppression and suppression.

Mr Haider said that extremely poor turnout in the sham by-election stands testimony to the fact that India could never win hearts of Kashmiris despite spending billions of rupees in the occupied State.

The AJK PM said that only five percent turnout in the sham elections in the occupied valley has disturbed days and night of India. He said that the martyrdom of at least 12 innocent Kashmiris during last 24 hours in the occupied valley is the result of sheer anxiety and disappointment of Indian occupying military and paramilitary troops. He underlined that the large scale sacrifices of lives given by valiant people of occupied Jammu & Kashmir for the sake of liberation, are unprecedented in the global history of freedom struggles.