I am a girl a daughter, a sister but above all I am a human being. My heart is mourning, hands are shivering and tears are rolling down as I am thinking about those lovable little angels who were ruthlessly raped and brutally killed then thrown in heaps of trash.. where??? 

Yes shamefully in our sacred homeland Pakistan ‘The Islamic State’. Was this the purpose our leaders demanded and fought for the separate nation? Was this the ideology of an Islamic state for which our ancestors laid their lives and migrated to Pakistan? Why ? To get their little ones raped and killed? These small coffins will never let our country prosper. Women and girls are being harassed whether they are in institutions , workplaces or markets. Rape is a common thing these days a girl being raped is left helplessly to live her life in grief seeing his rapist roaming freely in the town. Police and Government are not taking any measures regarding these horrific acts since ages. ‘Child Sexual Abuse’ this is something more than enough and disgusting. 

This is such a heinous crime against a child’s dignity. The case of Kasur child pornography scandal and the 12 cases of little girls being kidnapped raped then murdered were reported in Kasur from last year till now.. God knows how many same cases didn’t arise on media for the sake of honor. I can feel the pain of poor parents, their daughters were only 5, 6 or 7 years of age probably. I am pretty sure you people still remember Zainab Ansari , the innocent 7 year old little girl living her life with peace and joy.. she was a bright student, she must have had dreams.. she had right of living her life but sadly that nastiest evil kidnapped the little girl from her street, kept her locked and brutally raped her till four days and on day fifth he took her breaths away.  

The little angel’s dead body was found in trash. The immense loss for parents. I don’t know how they had seen their baby in such condition. Honestly my heart is still shedding tears for those little girls. Although the rapist of angels is arrested and imprisoned and will be sentenced to death., this punishment is not enough accordingly. He should be hanged publically so that evils like him get some healthy lessons. Respected editor I would like to grab the attention of concerned parents around the country through raising my voice in your esteemed new paper. I would like to utter that it’s not only Kasur where the children are being sexually abused, it’s happening throughout the country it’s just we are unaware.  

Government is on hibernation mode so It’s our duty to secure our children. Never leave your child alone anywhere, keep check on van drivers regularly, be frank to your child, ask him or her to share every single thing with you. In the end I would like to say that the children should be given self defense lessons in schools and at homes as well. This is how we will all stand together to SAY NO TO CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE……. 


Karachi, April 9.