Our history is comprised of some remarkable saints like Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Bulleh Shah, Fariduddin Ganj Shakar and many more who have always believed in spreading the message of love and positivity and have conveyed the message that humanity is above every religion. Regrettably, some people in our country never understood these messages, infect majority did not. Some inhuman in our society do not know what humanity is and they feel no shame in killing people in the name of Islam.

On March 20, an English professor was murdered. His only crime was to organize a party.Well, this party seemed “Vulgar” and “Un-Islamic” to the murderer, Khateeb. The professor’s sin was that he encouraged the female students to participate in it. However, Khateeb is not the only religious psychopath who felt some relief in a killing.

November 2014, a Christian couple in Sialkot, falsely accused of blasphemy and were later on set on fire. On April 2017, Mishal Khan a student of Wali Khan University Mardan succumbed to death by by mob lynching. The reason whatsoever was same, false blasphemy accusation.

We all know about Asia Bibi, right. Her case was perhaps the most high profile case in Pakistan related to blasphemy. Providentially the Supreme Court acquitted Asia after spending 8 years in solitary confinement but Professor Khalid Hameed could not survive the brutal attack by his vicious student. Bottom-line realization of who we really are at the mercy of is that we have become a doomed society. Religious extremism has destroyed us.

After the capitulation that is the murder of Khalid Hameed, I can say that it is not just the professor In fact; the entire educational system of our state was murdered.


Karachi, March 25.