Pakistan is a country where marriage is sacred, due to the religion of choice, Islam. Our religion teaches us not to opt for divorce, to begin with. However, the increasing rate of divorces in Pakistan is an alarming issue. According to research in one of the districts of Pakistan, the rate of divorce was higher than the number of love marriages.

Many hold the opinion that the rate of divorce is higher in love marriages due to the excelling expectations of either side. On the other hand, people think that the chances of divorce maybe higher in arranged marriages. One of the leading reasons for the higher divorce rate in Pakistan is the longstanding domestic abuse. In a patriarchal society, such as in Pakistan, the men dominate the women in multiple ways. Our society perceives women as mannequins that must bear and adhere to societal constraints. This leads to domestic abuse, in the form of verbal, physical and mental torture. Thus, forcing the woman to seek separation or divorce from her husband.

Divorce is not just the end of a relationship, but also the end of a family. As far as the consequences are concerned. The children suffer the most. They either get to stay with their father or their mother. Legally, a settlement is required. With time, the man and the woman both realize their mistake and until then, it is too late.

It is important that both parties have their own style of upbringing, values, and beliefs. Both of them have experienced life in their own perspectives until they enter each other`s life. It is impossible for both of them to think alike in all matters. In order to maintain a relationship and coexist perhaps, both of them should respect their views and compromise wherever necessary to retain domestic and mental peace.


Karachi, March 25.