ISLAMABAD   -   Pakistan People’s Party Wednesday claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan was praying for the victory of Indian premier Narendra Modi in the elections while he had previously termed Nawaz Sharif ‘traitor’ for his alleged links with the Indian counterpart.

Speaking at a news conference here, PPP leader Palwasha Khan said PM Khan used to ridicule his predecessor Nawaz Sharif for allegedly being a friend of Modi but was now hoping to see him return to power.

“This is a new U-turn. Now friendship with Modi is legal. This seems to be a statement of Modi’s chief supporter rather than a Pakistani Prime Minister,” she said. She criticised the government for shutting the Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme. “We will not allow the government to victimise the poor people. The government is supporting the rich class while the PPP is standing with the poor majority,” she added.

She said the PPP fails to understand on whose agenda the PM was working.  Palwasha claimed the government was snatching the rights of the people. She said the government will not be allowed to gulp Rs28 billion of working class.