Apollo 13


On April 11, 1970, the United States launched Apollo 13. The seventh manned mission and perhaps the third one to land on the moon. As the program itself faced multiple conspiracies in the past, NASA was adamant to make it a successful mission. Apollo 13 was quite similar to Apollo 12 in terms of specifications however; it could not achieve its desired objectives due to technical failures, once the aircraft was airborne.

Fifty-six hours into the flight, Apollo 13 met with an accident. The oxygen tank number two of the service module exploded. After the explosion, the astronauts were compelled to seek refuge in the lunar module. The three astronauts survived a space debacle back in the day. They had already lost their trajectory on their way and were continuously struggling to revert to their original path.

Apollo 13 was one of the most significant missions in terms of human spaceflight, where three members despite a major technical failure made their way back to the Earth.

There has been a stream of documentaries featuring Apollo 13. In fact, Tom Hanks disappeared as Jim Lovell in the adaption film “Apollo 13” in 1995.

As of today after various manned and unmanned missions to space, Apollo 13 stays one of the most significant ones in NASA`s history.