Shahnaz Rahmatullah, also known as Shahnaz Begum who left the world forever. She was one of the greatest singers in Pakistan and Bangladesh passed away in Bangladesh on March 23 at the age of 67. It is really a tough day for both countries who have lost a great personality forever. She represented both countries being a singer; she played a vital role in the development of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

She was awarded the “Ekushey Padak” the second highest civilian award in Bangladesh. She made everyone surprised with her beautiful voice because her notable songs convinced everyone to remember her. She sang in Bangladeshi and Pakistani films where her notable songs most likely to the people of both countries. Her main areas of singing entail modern songs.

Shahnaz Begum who has not left us rather her beautiful voice is with us. We listen to her every time. She was master of the modern music and sang great songs in Urdu as well as Bengali, which are God gifted voice of Shahnaz Begum. However, in physically she is not with us but her contributions to the country are with us.

To me she is still alive


Balochistan, March 25.