Thousands participated in protests in the country's capital over the weekend calling for the resignation of Sudan's longtime ruler, President Omar Bashir and urging the army to side with the people.

Lebanese broadcaster Al Mayadeen has reported, citing sources, that the Sudanese Armed Forces have decided to remove President Bashir from all posts and dismiss the government.

The newspaper Al Hadath also said its sources have confirmed Omar Bashir's resignation.

Earlier in the day, Reuters reported citing state TV that Sudan's army would make an "important statement soon", adding that Sudanese state radio had begun playing patriotic music.

​According to a local media outlet's tweet, a group of army officers have allegedly entered the Sudanese radio building. Al Hadath wrote citing sources that there were reports of a military coup in Sudan, with no confirmation following so far.

The news comes after thousands took to the streets in the Sudanese capital over the weekend, calling for the resignation of the country's longtime ruler President Omar Bashir and urging the army to side with the people. The rallies continued on Monday and Tuesday. According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), the clashes between protesters and security forces resulted in at least eight deaths from Saturday to Monday. 

Sudan has been engulfed by protests since December, triggered by the rise in prices of consumer goods. Mass rallies prompted Bashir, who has been in power for 30 years, to dissolve the cabinet and declare a year-long state of national emergency.

Details to follow