PESHAWAR                  -               The business community in Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa has decided to devise joint SOPs by making proper consultation with the govern­ment’s focal persons in order to resume indus­trial and business activities in the province.

However, they made it clear if the ongoing lockdown was further extended, the industri­alists and traders will not pay federal and pro­vincial taxes in wake of their economic chal­lenges and financing issues, and will also go for layoff plan of their employees.

The decision was taken during a joint meeting of industrialists and traders’ lead­ers, held under the chairmanship of United Business Group leader, Ilyas Ahmad Bilour here on Friday. The meeting made it clear that representative committees comprise on industrialists and traders will hold talks with the government regarding the lock­down and other matters relating to the busi­ness community.

The meeting said that the business commu­nity is ready to fully cooperate with the gov­ernment while keeping in view the current sit­uation. However, they said the industrial and business activities will be resumed across KP by following the SOPs.