ISLAMABAD                 -                 Pakistan People’s Party chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari yesterday said the constitution is the soul of a state and tearing it means tearing apart the state itself and ridiculing it means ridiculing the people.

In a message to mark the day when the Constitution was unanimously adopted by the National Assembly in 1973.

He said that Constitution was a sacrosanct social contract between the state and citizen on the one hand and the glue that bound the federating units together on the other.

Abrogating it means dismembering the federation and alienating the citizen from the state, he added.

Bilawal also called for punishing those “treasonous elements who abrogated and subverted this foundational document of the state for personal power and ambitions.”

It is a national disgrace that a dictator abrogated the Constitution in 1977 later ridiculing it as ‘a mere 15-page document’ that he boasted could be torn at will, he said.

“Those who tear and ridicule the Constitution are the traitors of the nation. Dictators and usurpers must be punished; they will be in the fullness of time, he said. A dictator who tore up the Constitution and is on the run must be brought back to face the law,” Bilawal said.

This day reminds us of the importance of jealously safeguarding the Constitution and relentlessly pursuing those who have subverted it.

The Chairman PPP also paid tributes to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for “forging historic consensus among all provinces, political parties and shades of opinion” in making the Constitution.

He also lauded Benazir Bhutto as the icon of democracy and constitutionalism and countless political leaders and workers belonging to different political parties who rendered huge sacrifices in the cause of safeguarding democracy and the Constitution.