Kandhkot           -             The lack of awareness regarding coronavirus is amongst the uneducated and less educated people of ruler areas causing carelessness among such communities and the people despite lockdown are violating the SOPs. This is going to be the major concern for its adjoining cities and towns. The government of Sindh had imposed lockdown throughout Sindh asking citizens to stay at home as much as possible whereas all the businesses, markets, hotels, motels, restaurants, playgrounds and parks had been closed last for 18 days and people were limited at their homes.

The government particularly in districts of Upper Sindh have only focused on big cities ignoring the rural and remote areas of Sindh. As a result, the most of people residing in villages and small towns have not been taken the lockdown seriously and have been holding different open meetups, gatherings, playing games at open grounds, sitting and assembling at opened shops and not avoiding handshaking and hugging.

An educationist from a rural area of Kandhkot on the condition of anonymity told The Nation that that Deputy Commissioner, ADC, ACs, police and other concerned officials are not visiting the towns and villages who have been frequently violating the rules of social distancing even not wearing the face masks and gloves putting themselves at high risk of contracting the COVID-19. It is pertinent to note that the social distancing refers to measures that are taken to increase physical space between people to prevent the spread of pandemic from person to person residing following hand washing and hygienic preventive measures.

The government of sindh has so far done a tremendous job by restricting people at home to contain COVID-19 but the lockdown is causing economic meltdown for daily wage workers since they don’t have any savings to cover up their livelihood costs. Even government relief and financial assistance have not reached to deserving people and creating an alarming situation. Even unemployment has jumped historical high owing to the closure of markets, industries and factories. The circumstances are warranting that the government should take steps on war footing basis to provide relief to deserving families so that their miseries could be minimized.