MITHI                -              The Deputy Commissioner Tharparkar, Dr. Shahzad Tahir Thaheem on Friday has clarified the media reports published in the different newspapers regarding the embezzlement and said these news published are the contradiction of genuine facts.

It is pertinent to mention that the reports published by mentioning that district administration Tharparkar was involved in corruption regarding procurement of ration for distribution amongst the COVID-19 lockdown affectees.

The Deputy Commissioner further clarifed that District Administration Tharparkar had held a meeting with the committee constituted for the purpose and forum rejected the food items which was to be purchased from the local market due to substandard material and decided that the ration bags would be purchased from Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan at Badin/Mirpurkhas and placed such orders on the next day vide letter Nos: DC/TPR/COVID-19/1595, 1596 & 1606 dated 07-4-2020.

The food items were being procured from Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan at Badin/ Mirpurkhas and distributed amongst the needy families in proper manner as per SoP of the Government.